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When Conducting Business Online 

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Your website needs SEO!

How Visible is Your Website on Google or Bing?

Let us show you with a FREE Website Audit. Our audit will analyze your website in these important Search Engine Optimization areas:

On-Page Optimization

Search Engine Visibility

Mobile Friendliness

Website Reviews

Keyword Rankings

Social Media Presence

Off-Page Optimization

Competitor Analysis

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What is SEO?

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SEO is an acryonym for Search Engine Optimization. What exactly is Search Engine Optimization? 

To many people, Search Engine Optimization means online marketing. Although it does to a point, search engine optimization has come to mean a very specific type of marketing - organic marketing, or optimizing a website without paying advertising fees. 

Consequentially, based on this definition, it would seem that if you have a website, then you would want to have it optimized to make your website visible. Surely by now, business owners know they need SEO, but do they really understand it?

SEO has come to be focused in one of two methods:

  • Local SEO: which is locally focused
  • Organic SEO: which is all SEO that is not targeting a location but is more globally based. 

SEO can best be explained by comparing it to a bicycle wheel. If your target is being seen online, then Search Engine Optimization is the center hub of your wheel. But there are many moving parts to it. As we describe below, some of the parts are knowing your keyword target, structuring your website for optimum visibility, understanding your competitors, and making connections with other websites. These are the core spokes of optimization.

So is SEO entirely FREE? It can be, when you learn to do all the processes yourself. Unfortunately, it is difficult for one individual to handle all the tasks of optimizing their websites for search engines while running their business. As a result businesses usually turn to agencies for optimization.

How long does it take? SEO differs for every website or webpage. With so many moving parts and competitors, becoming visible in the search engines is a matter of being one of the websites with the best structure, the strongest connections, and the most activity. Hence, our experience shows us that within 6-8 months, we will typically make great gains in organic online presence, but it is never guaranteed.

The Search Engine Optimization Process

These are the basic optimization tasks we perform ....

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Website Audit
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Website Health Check

Keyword Research
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Word Phrases to Drive Traffic

Site Architecture
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Make Webpages Matter

Competitor Analysis
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Learn How to Beat The Competition

On-Page Meta Tagging
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Help Google & Bing Find You

Off-Page Link Building
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Connect with Other Websites

We also perform other activities related to Search Engine Optimization such as content marketing, video marketing, and social media optimization. These factors are so important that we give them their own pages.

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