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What is Search Engine Marketing?

What exactly is Search Engine Marketing? SEM is the acryonym for Search Engine Marketing.  Over the years, SEM has become synonymous with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising . Pay per click advertising is a form of online paid advertising. In PPC, an advertiser sends an ad to be placed in an online auction held by a search engine like Google or Bing. In this auction, an advertiser only pays for an ad when a viewer clicks on the ad.  

At ENVY Digital Solutions, we are an SEM agency using pay-per-click advertising to help businesses quickly scale their marketing efforts to increase leads, website visitors, and sales.

Top Reasons To Use Paid Advertising

  • On average, for every $1 a business spends on Google AdWords, they make $2 in revenue for, clearly showing that the ROI through Google AdWords is well worth it for any business (
  • The top 3 paid ad spots, provided by Google AdWords, get 41% of the clicks on the entire page. Clearly, this is where local businesses need to be. (
  • 72% of consumers will look for local businesses on search first, meaning that if a business is listed within the top ad spots, they’re more likely to head to that business’ website and/or location. (
  • 70% of consumers that find a business in Google through Google AdWords call the business directly. (
  • Benefits of Using Paid Advertising

    Control: You have control over your budget.

    Immediacy: Once funded and approved, ppc ads are displayed immediately driving viewers to a targeted landing page.

    Search Engine Placement: Paid ads show at the top of a search engine page, above organic search results.  Being at the top of the page means your ad is more likely to be clicked and your website viewed.

    Paid Advertising Lead Generation Services

    Lead Generation*

    * (Exclusive to CoolSculping & Other Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Service Providers)

    Imagine being at a football game in a crowded stadium with 50,000 people in it cheering for their team. (It is a fact that 2-4% of the population is ready to purchase any product on the internet.) In that stadium there are 1,500 who are ready to purchase CoolSculpting ?non-invasive body sculpting services (3% of the stadium). Could you identify them? Would you know which ones are ready to buy right now, which ones will buy in months, years or maybe never?

    In today's marketing, you would target every person in the stadium to find those 1,500. But what if you could pick out the 1,500 in the stadium who are ready, and ONLY market to those people? You’d be able to show more ads to them than your competitors would, and you’d be top of mind and the first choice when they are ready to get started.

    We use an advanced proprietary system to do just that. Using internet behavior patterns, we can identify who is "In-market" and ready to purchase Coolsculpting services (and their competitors products).

    With our IML system, we help medical spas target the exact people who have demonstrated recent online behaviors suggesting they are ready to make a purchase. This information is captured in aggregated data that his proprietary system uses to help reduce costs when using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid advertising channels. He can market to these leads on any channel online or offline because he knows them by name.

    Re-Marketing 2.0
    Lead Generation

    Now Imagine knowing every one of your website visitors by name even if they do not enter their information on your website. This technology that we call Re-Marketing 2.0 is here today!

    We use a proprietary system for re-marketing that is helping local and national businesses to reduce costs by as much as 75%. His system captures information that is most valuable for re-marketing on different advertising channels.

    Using a proprietary Site Visitor Matching system, we place a pixel on your website that is better and more powerful than pixels used by Google and Facebook. With the SVM pixel, you capture information from your website visitors that when matched with our aggregated data, provides you the name, address, phone number and email of every website visitor.

    This information is owned by you permanently as the website owner. This is unlike and independent of Google and Facebook pixel information that you only have access to as an audience for between 30-90 days and lose after the pixel length expires.

    With SVM, you will be able to perform cross channel and device promotions, advertising to those who have expressed interest in your products and services with the most accurately matched audience on the market.

    Paid Search

    If you have been running paid search advertising campaigns, you are likely familiar with and have been running Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) campaigns. This makes sense because Google powers 65% of all search and 93% of all mobile search campaigns.*

    "On average, for every $1 a business spends on Google AdWords, they make $2 in revenue for, clearly showing that the ROI through Google AdWords is well worth it for any business."** However because Google is the largest, most powerful search engine, it is also the most expensive.

    As lead generation efficiency experts, we have learned many ways to reduce costs and increase revenue. One of the best ways has been by exploring alternative sources of paid search advertising.

    Since Google, handles 65% of all search, there is still 35% of search that is unaccounted for in the paid advertising discussion. Bing Ads made up of Microsoft, AOL, and Oath (formerly Yahoo) accounts for 34% of all paid search. "Bing Ads reach 63 million searchers that aren't reached with Google Adwords."***

    We have found that for many businesses, it makes sense to explore paid advertising in Bing Ads. "The average cost-per-clock on Bing Ads can be up to 70% lower compared to Adwords." Also, studies have shown that "users were converting at 10%-56% higher rates than Google ads.***

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