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What is Search Engine Marketing?

What exactly is Search Engine Marketing? SEM is the acryonym for Search Engine Marketing.  Over the years, SEM has become synonymous with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising . Pay per click advertising is a form of online paid advertising. In PPC, an advertiser sends an ad to be placed in an online auction held by a search engine like Google or Bing. In this auction, an advertiser only pays for an ad when a viewer clicks on the ad.  

At ENVY Digital Solutions, we are an SEM agency using pay-per-click advertising to help businesses quickly scale their marketing efforts to increase leads, website visitors, and sales.

Top Reasons To Use Paid Advertising

  • On average, for every $1 a business spends on Google AdWords, they make $2 in revenue for, clearly showing that the ROI through Google AdWords is well worth it for any business (
  • The top 3 paid ad spots, provided by Google AdWords, get 41% of the clicks on the entire page. Clearly, this is where local businesses need to be. (
  • 72% of consumers will look for local businesses on search first, meaning that if a business is listed within the top ad spots, they’re more likely to head to that business’ website and/or location. (
  • 70% of consumers that find a business in Google through Google AdWords call the business directly. (
  • Benefits of Using Paid Advertising

    Control: You have control over your budget.

    Immediacy: Once funded and approved, ppc ads are displayed immediately driving viewers to a targeted landing page.

    Search Engine Placement: Paid ads show at the top of a search engine page, above organic search results.  Being at the top of the page means your ad is more likely to be clicked and your website viewed.

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