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PPC is Like Fishing-But How Are the Fish Processed?

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PPC is Like Fishing-But How Are the Fish Processed?

Reading time: Approximately 3-5 minutes - Originally written for LinkedIn

In 2017, I wrote a post to explain my work in PPC to my family and friends titled PPC is Like Fishing. To put things in layman's terms, I created this phrase that I knew most of them would understand.

The toughest part of FISHING

is finding out where the FISH are in the LAKE/OCEAN.

Once you decide where in the LAKE/OCEAN to FISH

Your task becomes all about finding

the right BAIT,

the right LINE,

and the right HOOK.

Then I substituted the fishing references with PPC terms (See the Image).

The toughest part of SEM-PPC

is finding where the LEADS are (on) the INTERNET.

Once you decide where (on) the INTERNET to FIND LEADS

Your task becomes all about finding

the right AD

the right CALL TO ACTION

and the right LANDING PAGE!

Once I did this, they said they understood much better.

When I speak with business owners, this also helps them to understand what I do in PPC. I can explain that when I do it right, I am "getting the right type of fish into the boat."

But what happens next with that fish?

How is it processed? 

Is it cleaned immediately?

Is it frozen, or is it breaded and fried immediately?

 Is it chopped up and put into a soup?

This is the same thought process for my lead generation work. I have to ask a business owner "What happens next?"

This is where things can become divisive with the business. You see as a lead generator, I can "hook the fish and bring them on the boat." Better said, "I can find a thirsty horse, then lead the horse to water. But I can't make him drink. "

That is the work of the business owner as I see things.

This realization came to me while reflecting on my work in personal lending. Without changes to my ads, some days many loans would come through the pipeline, while other days loans would trickle through. That was because some days lenders had found the number of loans they wanted, while other days they wanted many more loans. I monitored this activity so heavily. My boss would always tell me, "Relax Joe, don't forget no matter what you do and how hard you work at it, you are only half of the formula."

A great digital marketer focuses heavily on analytics to find the best potential leads/buyers/clients. However, he/she only controls the top portion of the sales funnel process. It is up to the business owners and their staff to build the bottom of the sales funnel to close the leads.

The business owner must decide on the steps in their sales funnel. How are their calls answered? Is there always a live person on the other end? Is the live person one who is knowledgeable and can move the lead into the next phase by setting an appointment? Or is this person just collecting names? Do most people show for appointments? How many appointments become presentations? and finally, how many appointments are closed?

Some business owners say that paid ads don't work for them. With these owners, I respectfully challenge them with the question, "Have you fully and independently audited your complete sales funnel?" My question calls out both thinking of the agency's portion of the sales funnel AND the business owner's portion of the sales funnel.

As a lead generation expert, it is important that I share the fact and the business owner realizes that my work is only the top sections of the sales funnel. It is imperative that they realize the bottom half of the funnel is under their control.

They must also realize that if the whole funnel is not finely-tuned, there will be "leaks" where the leads drop out of the sales funnel. It is in these places that the sales funnel processes need fine-tuning. Experience has taught me that the fine tuning process begins from the creation of the ads and identification of the keywords, and target audiences, but it ends in the sales closing process.

If you own a business, challenge yourself. Take a good look at your section of your sales funnel and make sure it is finely tuned. Then, when you say that a PPC agency did not work well for you, you will know for sure that the issue is not "on your side of the court".

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