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Management Background

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CEO, President and Sr. Search Marketer

Joe Sayles, Jr.

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Career highlights

ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC management is led by search marketer and digital solutions provider Joe Sayles, Jr.

· Profitably managing campaign budgets in excess of $5,000,000 per year

· Increasing Gross Profit by more than 30% in an industry undergoing heavy government scrutiny

· Decreasing Cost Per Acquisition by 56% compared with the previous campaign lifetime

· Improving CTR by 81% using A/B testing over previous campaign lifetime

· Reducing a website’s bounce rate to an amazing 1.07%

Joe Sayles, Jr.'s Digital Marketing Bio

Digital Marketing Training

In 2007, after spending the previous seven years building and managing blogs while working at a school and for a martial art studio, Joe built his first e-commerce website. This experience inspired Joe to learn internet marketing.

Joe sought an affordable, formal internet marketing training program. He found Market Motive and trained through their satellite program at Benedictine University. While in the program he earned a certificate as a Web Analytics Specialist issued by Market Motive. He also earned a Graduate Certificate in Internet Marketing from Benedictine University for successfully completing a series of courses in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising (SEM/PPC), Conversion Optimization, and Social Media.

Corporate Digital Marketing Experience

For 6 years Joe would apply his training on his ecommerce martial arts supplies website where he achieved such highlights as reducing his website’s bounce rate to an amazing 1.07% through constant testing and conversion optimizations.

Beginning in 2010, Joe also worked at the #6 Kia dealership in the USA. While there along with internet sales, he also managed all digital marketing efforts including email campaigns, website conversion optimization, SEO, content marketing and SMO. His email marketing campaign strategies would earn him Kia's highest lead conversion rating in the western United States.

In 2012, Joe worked at Monoprice an electronics retailer. He helped develop the SEM program and guide the SEO strategy.

Following his time at Monoprice, in 2014 Joe moved on to managing Moneymutual's, the nation’s leading short term loan company, paid advertising department. There his efforts helped profitably expand the company’s SEM footprint by growing current and new marketing channels including search, display, RSLA, mobile, native, and email ad platforms.

ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC is Born

On a California beach during the Labor Day weekend 2016, Joe was discussing his future with his beautiful wife, his brother and sister-in law. This conversation was the pivotal moment in the launching of ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC.  Joe's goal was to apply all of his knowledge and experience to guide local businesses to online successes. He knew he needed to develop an agile, boutique digital marketing agency that would function as a marketing extension of its clients' businesses. In ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC, he has created his dream agency.

Today, as Joe guides the progress of ENVY Digital Solutions, he continues to increase his knowledge. He is Google AdWords Certified and Bing Ads Accredited and practices the most up-to-date strategies in internet marketing. ENVY Digital Solutions allows Joe, who earned a Business major and Radio and Tv minor in college, the opportunity to pursue three of his passions, being an entrepreneur, performing voice-overs and creating videos.

ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC will help you stand out from the crowd!

Email: info@envydigitalsolutions.com

Toll Free 1.877.275.9765

Local: 702.706.8095

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