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When you need local customers, you need Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Dominate your local market

4 Reasons to Focus on Local SEO

​1. Your clients are locals.
​2. It is often easier to build local links.
​3. Local SEO can work much faster to gain you recognition than traditional SEO.
4. You can more easily dominate a local niche than dominate on a national level.

Does Your Website Dominate Local Search?

If not, let us show you why not and what you can do to make your site dominate your local search. Call us today to order a FREE Website Audit!

How is Local SEO Different?

Local SEO has a lot in common with national or global Search Engine Optimization. However, local SEO differs in that many businesses do not need to compete with all businesses in the same niche that exist on the internet. Instead, local business owners can optimize their marketing efforts for a small regional or local area. With a tightly targeted niche and hyper-localized focus, businesses can narrow down the competition to only a few or handful of competitors. 

Local SEO like its bigger brother generalized SEO, is also an organic means of online marketing. The sweat equity of time spent connecting with other websites, and producing content that will attract websites to connect with yours replaces paying advertising fees. 

For most SMBs, their business is focused on local or regional clientele.  Therefore, it is imperative that SMBs focus their optimization efforts on being the best optimized local business.  It is much easier for a business to dominate a local niche than to dominate the total internet.

In local SEO , there are just as many moving parts as in general SEO, however business owners can better focus on specific tasks that will make them standout from the competition. In all SEO you must always know your keyword targets, but you add locally focused terms in local SEO. Site architecture and meta tagging remains important, as does connecting with other websites, but understanding and monitoring exactly what your competitors are doing becomes much more important, and is a more important part of the core SEO spokes.

Again like its bigger sibling, local SEO is difficult for one individual to manage. However, for many locally focused businesses, their optimization efforts will begin to show more quickly. For many the results can begin to be seen in 3-6 months.  It just depends on the industry and the amount and strength of the competition.  Remember, the time frame for organic success is never guaranteed, however with constant and consistent efforts, you online visiblility will be rewarded.

The Search Engine Optimization Process

These are the basic SEO tasks we perform ....

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SERP Tracking
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Track Website Progress & improve

Localized Networking
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Stand Out in Your Area

Citation Syndication
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Ensuring Business Profile Consistency

Localized Content
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Content for a Local Audience

Localized Competition
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Become the Big Fish

Localized Keywords
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Keywords Targeted for Your Area

We also perform other activities related to Search Engine Optimization such as content marketing, video marketing, and social media optimization. These factors are so important that we give them their own pages.

Our Local SEO Clients

Image of Logo for Young Brothers Taekwondo
Image of Parker Realty, LLC Logo
Image of Victory Christian Center's Logo.

John DoeUI/UX Designer

Before Joe, I just had a web-page just hanging out online... After Joe,...I've had a 500% increase...compared to this same time last year.

David McCloskey, Young Brothers Taekwondo

Houston, TX

John DoeUI/UX Designer

I would whole heartedly endorse Joe..because he cares about what he is doing and his reputation and more importantly he cares about his clients.

Bruce Parker, Parker Realty, LLC

Las Vegas, NV

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