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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! Now we can say we live in the new Roaring 20s! This is the time for New Year's resolutions. 

What will your New Year's Resolutions be? 

What are you trying to accomplish?

 What are your goals or special promotions you want to push this year?

For me, my primary resolution goal is task consistency.

You see, like most of you I have lots of things to do. I have set out to view my world from the big picture, breaking it down into manageable steps that I can continue to accomplish.

This was the successful formula I used for getting through college, coaching my JV basketball team to first place, and earning my 5 black belts in Taekwondo. It is the same formula that has allowed me to read several books while sitting through ice cold soccer practices waiting for my son or daughter to finish. And lastly, it is the same formula that has seen me lose 45 + pounds without dieting and maintain the weight loss of over the past few years. It was simply a matter of completing small tasks consistently!

In business, I work as a digital marketing consultant and now coach also. Over my 30+ year career, I have recognized that task consistency is one common element found in success everywhere.  Today, I work in digital marketing with many businesses who are trying to resolve an issue. Some don't know how to find or address their issue. Others simply need to do what they know how to do.

For those who know what to do, and how to do their marketing well, they can get a constant stream of leads that they can turn into customers, clients, patients or buyers. One secret ingredient these businesses usually have in common is taking action and consistently applying it.

On the other hand, for those who  struggle with their marketing and lead generation, it is often due to lack of consistent action. It might be because they don't know what to do and they take no action. For others, it might be because of time management issues, not having the manpower or budget to consistently market. For all of these business owners, I would suggest that they need to update their marketing strategy and adjust it for prospecting .

However, in this post I am talking more about those others who have taken action but are not finding success. These are the owners who need to apply their marketing actions consistently. These are the same ones who often run Facebook ads and say that it didn't work for them. 

Overtime what I've learned is the business owners who find success, take specific marketing actions consistently. For those who struggle and don't find success, the common element is lack of consistent action. Therefore, one of my goals for 2020 is to help these business owners apply the element of marketing consistency to their strategy for 2020.

Like many business owners, I’ve personally fallen into the trap of the marketing yo-yo, or as author Tom Poland would call it, “Random Acts of Marketing,” which is being inconsistent in my marketing efforts. Word of mouth advertising was handling things for me for many years. But the inconsistent prospecting activity has also lead rough times with few clients. In fact, I have felt like the plumber whose own pipes leak, or the roofer who whose own roof leaks.

But now, my lack of marketing efforts has made it onto my radar. 

So this year, my goal is to consistently apply more effort to my own marketing activity. To do this, I have updated my strategic plan for 2020 by modifying my daily schedules and adding small manageable marketing tasks that I can accomplish regularly. Just as I’ve found success with this process in many other endeavors in life, and I will be sure to meet my consistency goals for my business.

Wow! This New Year's Eve message to my friends and followers on social media has turned into a full-blown blog post. So let me finish it with this…

If you run a business and you are struggling with lead generation or your digital marketing efforts, think about this blog post. If you don’t know what to do or how to do it, take action. Think about taking consistent actions that will lead to your goal. 

If you need help in this endeavor and you need a little training, some motivation and a little help with accountability, give me a call. If you invest a little bit into your business and get some coaching, it will pay off exponentially.

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Let me tell you how I can help you. I am launching my new FLASH Coaching in 2020. FLASH coaching is my new fast, laser-focused, high-quality coaching model to quickly help small and local business owners make an impact on their businesses. These are owners who are themselves on an entrepreneurial island where they are unable to speak with others to address their needs for accountability, motivation and taking the right marketing steps to become successful.

If this sounds like you, and you have always relied on others to do your marketing, then you need to take a moment and some responsibility here for your struggles. Completely handing off your marketing it is like relying on others to provide ‘oxygen’ to your business, (thanks Tom Poland). Just like breathing consistently every moment of every day has given you life, your business needs 'oxygen' consistency. If marketing is your oxygen, you need to take more control of your business oxygen and you need to pump plenty of it into your business consistently, or your business will die. 

So, as you make your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, if you are looking to improve your business in 2020, if you are looking to find more leads, grow your profits, and even decrease your spending in 2020 then reach out to me. I help businesses increase leads and grow profits by 30% in 90 days, guaranteed!*

If you know you need to learn more about digital marketing, get updated on the latest trends, develop a better strategy, or you just need accountability, and a marketer to discuss marketing strategy with, I am here for you.

My FLASH Coaching program is very reasonably priced and your investment will give back to your bottom line exponentially. To learn how you can work with me in my Lead Generation Domination™ FLASH Business Coaching, then go to envydigitalsolutions.com/FLASH-coaching to get started on the right track for 2020. Take action, join FLASH coaching and consistently work on pumping new oxygen into your marketing, your business, and your life. Here's to your success in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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