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What is FLASH Business Coaching™?

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The FLASH Business Coaching™is the most affordably priced, coaching  program with the highest impact style.  Here is why... it consists of Unlimited Coaching for 1 Year and includes:

  • Unlimited 15 Minute Focus Sessions
  • Completing YOUR Fieldwork
  • Recording of your session
  • Booking your next session and taking action

Watch a FREE Presentation.

Chris Hoag

"Joe is a great asset..."

"Joe is a great asset to any business looking to improve their digital marketing performance."

Chris Hoag  //  Microsoft Advertising

Mike Correra

"A unique balance between marketing intuition and sales savvy..."

"Joe brings to the table a unique balance between marketing intuition and sales savvy, a very rare combination indeed."

Mike Correra  //  Allstar Kia

What is The FLASH Business Coaching™ process?

This program starts with, you completing the application form that will teach me a little about your business. Next we’ll have a 30 Minute session to “Set the Stage” and discuss:

  • The results you want, that you don’t have yet
  • As well as the results you have that you don’t want
  • We'll Identify Your Niche
  • Your Biggest Challenge and…
  • What keeps you up at night...
  • We'll draw YOUR “Line in the Sand’
  • And we'll prepare you for YOUR next actions
  • Woman in Writing in Office
    Woman in Coffee Shop meeting with another woman.

    After this, you will schedule regular 15 minute maintenance sessions based on your completed tasks for up to the next 90 days. 

    Then, ONCE every 90 days

    • We’ll have a 30 minute ‘State of the Nation’
    • We’ll review YOUR progress
    • Set the new Plan update
    • Measure Progress
    • And take the next set of Actions

    But first, let’s have a look at Who This is Not For

    • People who aren’t totally committed, like to complain, and/or make excuses
    • People who are afraid to make a decision, take action, or who are just information collectors who jump from one training to another, but will never follow through on anything.
    • Anyone not serious about growing their business by another hundred thousand or more in the next 12 months
    • People who like bouncing around to the next shiny object
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    frustrated man looking at laptop

    Now, let’s look at Who this is for

    • Business owners who want to fix the problem NOW
    • Business owners who are willing to invest in their business.
    • Business owners who are committed to taking action.
    • Business owners are serious about getting results.
    • And Business owners who want to get results NOW!

    What Our Clients Have To Say...

    Image of client Master Instructor, David McCloskey of Young Brothers Taekwondo of Cypress Creek Lakes/Bridgeland.

    "I've had a 500% increase compared to this same time last year..."

    "Before Joe, I just had a web-page, just hanging out online. After Joe, I see that my visitor count and conversion has grown significantly and it keeps growing every day. In the past month that I've been working with Joe, I've had a 500% increase compared to this same time last year in sign-ups to my school. I can honestly say that this is because of his work for my website."

    David Mc Closkey  //  Young Brothers Taekwondo

    Uletas Carter - MRC

    "I highly recommend your superior marketing service..."

    "Joe Sayles, ENVY Digital Solutions, you are beyond amazing. I highly recommend your superior marketing service to anyone..."

    Uletas Carter //  Mutual Realty Consultants

    Anthony Colenburg

    "We couldn't have asked for anyone better!"

    “Joe is that dude!! His knowledge level and sheer dedication to seeing your project go from vision to reality is unsurpassed.  We couldn't have asked for anyone better! He's the REAL DEAL!!!!"

    ANTHONY COLENBURG //  Entrepreneur

    Are you a Business owners who is ready to achieve your business dreams?

    Other unlimited coaching programs can cost you from $5,000 -$15,000 or more per year.

    But the FLASH™ Business Coaching program won't cost you that much. 

    Our regular price is just $1,997 

    but for a limited time,

    if you act now you'll save even more...

    The FLASH™ Business Coaching Program Pilot-Launch Monthly Payment Program

    With the Pilot-Launch

    You'll Get the FLASH Business Coaching™ Program 

    for just  $97/Month

    Plus $49 Set Up Fee

    Get started today!

    The FLASH Business Coaching™ Program - Monthly Payment Program

    12 Monthly Payments

    Regular Price: $97/Month

    Plus Set Up Fee of $49




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