DFY Real Estate Agent Marketing


The Done-For-You Real Estate Agent Marketing

Get Customizable Lead Generating Materials 

WITHOUT paying for 

a copywriter, a website designer, video producer and a marketing agency!


The DFY Real Estate Agent Marketing Bundle comes with the following materials:

[Make Clone page the sales page for:

1) Kevin's referrals with the Launch Bundle Price of $97 ->  $197 over time

2) For FB Ads & Other Ads- Their launch price will be $197 -> $297 and DS to 3 Payments with trickled content downloads]

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[Re-make video with ending for Referrals and ending for Public!]

#1. A Real Estate Lead Generation Checklist

Real Estate Agent Marketing Bundle -Checklist

Help potential customers

decide how to select an agent.

This is a checklist 

that  you give away

to build your email list.

This checklist is a $17 Value.

#2. Real Estate Email Auto-Responder Sequence

Get a series of 

5 templated email responses

to follow up, welcome and educate your new list members.

The Real Estate Email Autoresponder Sequence

is valued at $59.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Bundle -Autoresponders

#3. The Real Estate Lead Generating Report

Real Estate Agent Hiring Guide - Report

Help your potential customers become...
more informed and make you the authority so...
they will choose you instead of your competition,
because by providing them with the materials and information they need...
you will gain their trust and build their confidence in you.
The Lead Generating Report is a $79 Value.

#4. Real Estate Lead Generating Content Articles

Real Estate Agent Marketing Bundle - Articles

You know the internet loves content so we give you
3 content articles for your blog and/or social media.
The 3 content articles are a $299 Value

#5. Real Estate Lead Generating Advertising Videos


4 DFY Real Estate Lead Generating  Videos for Advertising

Google & Facebook LOVE VIDEOS, so you will get advertising videos to run on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels.

You'll get 4 types of videos:

  1. A White Board Animation Video with hand drawn images
  2. Animated Explainer Video
  3. A Ryan Deiss-style White Background Text Video that is editable in Powerpoint, and
  4.  An Image Slide show video


You will also receive 

  • The Video Script
  • Video Graphics Files
  • Professional Voice Overs with an American and a British voice actor, and
  • Music Tracks included in the videos.

$1,999 Value

Special Bonus:

#6. Real Estate Lead Generation Wordpress Theme

Insert Image

You can have your very own lead generation website.
That's right, you can have your very own lead generating website!

The DFY Real Estate Agent Marketing Bundle

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