Content Writing in Minutes: Create Content Quickly (for FREE) in 3 Amazingly Easy Steps!

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By Joe Sayles, Jr. – Approximate Reading Time 2-5 min.

Do you dread content writing?

Do you regularly need new content quickly for your website, blog , social media, or anything else?

Do you normally dislike like the paid version of content you have received from foreign writers online?

Does having well-written content from a natural American English speaker cost you too much?

If you've experienced any of these, then I have a great solution for you.  Use voice-to-text software to write it yourself, get what you need, and speed up the production of your content.

Recently due to health needs, I have begun using voice-to-text software to write blog posts and create other content needs like comments, checklists, social content, course materials, and content for my websites. (Actually, I learned this trick from another blogger years ago and had forgotten about it so I can't take credit for it. But I will promote the heck out of the concept because it works well for me!)

The most important thing that using voice-to-text software has allowed me to do is speed up the process for content writing, especially for blog posts.  Now, I can produce them in 15-30 minutes rather than 2-3 hours over several days. Now, rather than having several blog post titles waiting to be written, I have several blog posts written and sitting in a queue ready to be posted. (My SEO and backlinking efforts will definitely benefit from this!)

When I got started using voice-to-text software for content writing, I actually reviewed several voice-to-text software options using a Google search. There were many great choices especially in the Google App Store. Evenually, I found a highly reviewed software called, which is the software I'm using for this blog post.  (I have also created a video of the creation of this blog post. It will be posted this week on my new website, so check it out). is a free software. It allows me to create content in three amazingly easy steps. All I do is:

1. Speak into the microphone,

2. Review what was created by Speechnotes

3. Then cut and paste the text where I need it and I'm finished.

The best thing about this solution is that it allows me to put out the best quality content at no cost and in very little time. Did I mention that the software version that I use is FREE?  There is also a paid version of the software for ($9.99) that you can use directly on websites and in other places, but I currently use the free version.

Once again, all you have to do is:

1. Speak into the microphone,

2. Review what was created by Speechnotes

3. Then cut and paste the text where you need it and you're finished.

It works well for me and it will work for you.  It also works on Mac. 

One more thing, if you are away from your computer then don't forget about your phone. Most modern mobile phones have the ability to record text. When you have a great idea and you are away from the computer, do as I do. Record your thoughts using voice-to-text and email it to yourself so that you can use it later as text.

I hope this post has been helpful for you. For more information about Speechnotes, visit their website at  For a full disclosure, this is not a paid endorsement. It is simply a tip for busy SMB business professionals.

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