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This page shows off some of the best results from our client projects.  We hope this page helps you to truly understanding our digital marketing skills and what we are capable of doing for your business. 

Clients & Projects
Image of Logo for Young Brothers Taekwondo. Image size 169 x 220 pixels.
Young Brothers Taekwondo

of Cypress Creek Lakes/Bridgeland, Texas

Client since Fall of 2017

Search Engine Optimization: Began a digital marketing strategy to increase presence on Google and Bing and gain more Search Engine Results Page (SERP) control.

Social Proofing & Reputation Management: Installed a Social Proofing campaign to demonstrate the company's impeccable reputation to the public.

SEO Results:  In seven months, the Local SEO strength has increased dramatically. This website now holds between 7-10 SERP positions out of the possible 10 SERP positions on Google and Bing for most local Taekwondo based terms.

Social Proofing Results: In roughly 7 months, the website has received a 4.9 out of 5 Star Ratings with 55+ (and growing) business reviews both on and offsite.

SEO Domination 
Image of Google SERP for YBTKD where they hold all 10 positions on Bing.

In the example, the business now holds all 10 SERP positions for total first page SEO domination blocking out the local competition.  

Image of client Parker Realty's Logo.
Parker Realty

 of Las Vegas, Nevada

Client since Fall of 2017

Website Design, Security & Administration: This website had been hacked and was being forwarded to pornography website. The site no longer had a web administrator and the site information and theme needed updating.

Results: Through our services, we were able to recover control of the website, install security and security protocols, and re-design the website with a more modern theme.

Before and After Comparison
Image of Parker Realty Website Before and After changes.

Image of Trust Probate Realtor logo. Size 1986X665
Trust Probate Realtor

Beverly Hills, California

Client since the beginning of 2017

Website Design, Security & Administration: The website no longer had a web administrator and the site information and theme needed updating.

SEO & Public Relations: Project goal is to create and increase internet presence using today's best practices.

SEM-Social Media Marketing: Project goal was to drive traffic to the website using online paid advertising.

Result: Trust Probate Realtor Andrea Shink was featured in Top Agent Magazine for her outstanding sales in 2016. Andrea was noticed as a result of our Public Relations and SEO work for her website. We have rebuilt here website and are continuing to improve it and drive more website visitors to it. We are still early in the development of this project, so we look for more good things to come.

Public Relations
Image of Top Agent Article where Andrea Shink was featured.

This Top Agent Magazine article has resulted in a subsequent article being posted about her. ​ This demonstrates the power of performing Public Relations and why it is one of the tools in our digital marketing arsenal. It will benefit a website by providing natural links back to your website.

Public Relations
Image of article posted on Medium.com regarding Andrea's Top Agent Article.
Logo image of client Wellness One Source 220x133.
Wellness One Source

Las Vegas, Nevada

One-Time Client Project Late 2016

Social Media Marketing: The client wanted to increase their Facebook likes in a one-month project.

Result: Under our management, the client received Facebook Likes at a higher ROI and lower cost per click. The first image shows that in 4 days, the new ad set received 5 more clicks at a 62% reduced cost per click of $0.37 compared to the company's previous Likes campaign.

The second image shows that the campaign had more than double the original campaign's Likes at 156 (compared to 71) at a cost of only $54.02 (compared to the original campaign cost of $69.67) after just 8 days (compared to the original campaigns run of 10 days). This was still $15 less than the previous campaign run prior to our management.

Social Media Marketing
Image of WOS FB Likes Campaign Improvements
Image of WOS FB campaign results in 30 days.

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