5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Like a Bicycle - Joe Sayles

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! Now we can say we live in the new Roaring 20s! This is the time for New Year’s resolutions. What will your New Year’s Resolutions be? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals or special promotions you want to push this year?For me, my primary resolution goal is task consistency.You see, like […]

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Lead Generation Domination: Joe Sayles Jr. Interview with Bruno Morris – 9.12.2019

This video interview is the first in a series of interviews about Lead Generation Domination. Hosted by myself, in this hastily prepared interview, I speak with colleague and friend Bruno Morris, PPC Expert, Director & Digital Marketing Coordinator of Doc Web Marketing. As described on their website, “Doc Web Marketing is an international digital marketing […]

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3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid with Google Ads to Increase ROI – Interview on Yokel Local Podcast

3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid with Google Ads to Increase ROI – Interview on Yokel Local Podcast, is a video by Darrell Evan of the Yokel Local Marketing’s podcast.  In this interview, Evans interiews ENVY Digital Solutions CEO,  Joe Sayles  about Google Ads best practices. The interview was conducted September 10, 2018.  

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Content Writing in Minutes: Create Content Quickly (for FREE) in 3 Amazingly Easy Steps!

By Joe Sayles, Jr. – Approximate Reading Time 2-5 min.Do you dread content writing?Do you regularly need new content quickly for your website, blog , social media, or anything else?Do you normally dislike like the paid version of content you have received from foreign writers online?Does having well-written content from a natural American English speaker […]

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PPC is Like Fishing-But How Are the Fish Processed?

PPC is Like Fishing-But How Are the Fish Processed?Reading time: Approximately 3-5 minutes – Originally written for LinkedIn In 2017, I wrote a post to explain my work in PPC to my family and friends titled PPC is Like Fishing. To put things in layman’s terms, I created this phrase that I knew most of them would […]

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PPC is Like Fishing

By Joe Sayles, Jr. Estimated Read Time: 5-7 minutes   One recent morning while I was waiting for my oatmeal to heat up in the microwave, I had an epiphany, a flash thought – “PPC is like Fishing!” This thought came to me on the heels of another thought that led me to write an […]

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