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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Like a Bicycle

PNG Image of a Bicycle with Digital Marketing terms describing the parts of the bicycle.

A Better, Simpler Way to Understand Digital Marketing in 2017

By Joe Sayles, Jr.

For a few years of my life, I worked in Real Estate. First as a loan officer, then later as a title insurance representative. During these times, I discovered that many people did not understand all the elements of a real estate transaction. I looked for and never found a good infographic image to describe the process.  So I would explain to my clients that real estate transactions function like a bicycle wheel.

The center of the bicycle wheel was a hub known as the escrow agency. The escrow agency was the center point for all the areas of real estate activity. The various other areas were the spokes leading into the escrow hub. They included buyer’s agent contracts, seller’s agent’s paperwork, home inspection, title insurance, appraisal, etc. This would help my clients to better envision the whole real estate transaction process.

So why is this digital marketing article talking about real estate?  Here is why…

In the online world, very few people have experience in the digital marketing field. Fewer have experience dealing in the various digital channels. In my years of work in online marketing, I have needed a better, simpler way to explain all the online marketing channels and how they work together to my family, friends, employers and clients.

Now, having spent more than a decade in digital marketing, I have created an infographic that does just that. I realized that similar to my bicycle wheel analogy for real estate, a whole bicycle can be used to easily help people visualize the different digital marketing processes and describe the function and placement of all digital marketing elements and channels.  Let’s take a look.


In digital marketing, once you decide to create a digital presence, you are then faced with how to be seen online. Either you can do the work yourself, or you can partner with an agency who will help you in the next step. In either case, you must make a decision on how best to begin.

There are three important pieces that work together to form the foundation in the digital marketing bicycle analogy. On the bicycle, you start with:

  1. The Seat: You and/or Your digital marketing agency power and drive the digital marketing experience.
  2. The Handle Bars: are the digital marketing strategy that will guide you to your digital goals.
  3. The Bicycle Frame: is your website or the internet presence tools you use to be visible online.
    1. In other words, this is about your website, whether it is a WordPress Website or blog, a Shopify ecommerce store, a Facebook Fanpage, or a Youtube channel. You will need at least one vehicle to launch your online presence.
    2. The frame also includes the ability of these tools to convert your website visitors into paying customers or leads. You need to have conversion rate optimization (CRO) and landing page optimization (LPO) strategies in place for all of your customer traffic whether they come from Organic Advertising or Paid Ads. Without a strong converting site, what good is it to send traffic to the site?
  4. The Rear Wheel is the paid advertising portion of your digital marketing efforts.
    1. The funding part of paid advertising is the power that propels it, the chain, pedals, and gears. The more money put into advertising is like pedaling the bicycle faster and faster. When the funds run out, it is like running out of energy.
    2. The rear wheel itself is the various paid advertising spokes: display ads, search ads, social media ads, native ads, programmatic ads etc. These are the Google Adwords, Bing Ad Center, Yahoo Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, etc. ads.
  5. The Front Wheel is your organic advertising.
    1. This is the free spinning wheel of your bicycle, therefore the front wheel represents the free portion of your advertising. Free advertising needs a nudge to get moving. This can be as simple as managing social media, writing content, or as complex creating citations and building links.
    2. The spokes of the organic wheel are On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Off-page SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Proof and Online Reputation Management (ORM), Public Relations, (PR), email marketing, and rich media marketing which includes video, podcasts, and image marketing.

You and your digital marketing agency need to create a solid digital marketing strategy to guide your efforts, like a bicycle needs a good cyclist to make it go, . With a good website, you have a strong foundation to manage various digital marketing channels. Also with a big budget, you can get things moving fast, like a strong cyclist can pedal fast to get out in front of the pack.

Just remember that your traffic needs to be converting into sales and your end goals just as a Tour Du France cyclist needs to snack for energy along the race.  If you create a good enough strategy, you might be able to find a hill to coast down once in a while.  You must decide whether or not you are going to pedal, if you are going to ride to a hill and coast, or if you will find a route where you do both as needed. Designing a great strategy is up to you and your agency team.[/sociallocker]


If you would like a free consultation for your digital marketing needs, visit https://envydigitalsolutions.com.

About the author:

Joe Sayles, Jr. is the CEO and CMO of ENVY Digital Solutions, LLC an agile, boutique digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Also a former school teacher, Joe has been blogging since 2000, and focused on digital marketing since 2007.  While earning millions for his corporate employers, Joe has done everything from email marketing to SEO, Paid Advertising, building websites, and much more. Today, he helps local business owners to realize their dreams online. Learn more about Joe and his services at https://envydigitalsolutions.com.

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